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Remarks participants

By 10th November 2013June 7th, 2016No Comments
  • Very good course, structured, clear with good help and guidance.
  • Good interactive course with a small group.
  • Very friendly enthusiastic faculty.
  • Well organized, very warm organizers, very impressed, keep it up!
  • Wonderful course, well worth coming from the UK.
  • Keep organizing this course with this very enthusiastic team, thanks!
  • Excellent real live cases.
  • Continue this way!
  • Very good!
  • Floating Dinner was very nice.
  • Good overview.
  • Good hands-on part, to learn to find the pathology myself.
  • Various types of patient protocols – good to know.
  • Good discussion and cases!
  • Excellent course.
  • Good accessibility.
  • Much practice, good balance between theory and practice.
  • Interactive cases, good presentations.